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Patrik Karlsson
Vocals & Guitars
Tobbe Jacobsson
Johan Berglund
Bass & Programming
Pär Nilsson
Drums & Percussion

Born: November 1978
Location: Örebro

Gibson FlyingV -67
LTD Viper VB-400 Baritone
Marshall 30th Anniversary
Marshall 1960 4x12
Boss GT-10
Shure Beta SM58

Born: November 1978
Location: Örebro

Ibanez JEM 77FP
Schecter C-1 EX Baritone
Fender Strat. American Series
Diezel VH4
Randall 4x12 XL v30
Boss GT-8

Born: April 1978
Location: Örebro

Warwick Thumb 5
Sandberg California JJ5 35"
Markbass Little Mark II
Markbass Standard 152HR 2x15"

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The sensational debut album by the Swedish metal band - This Haven!

This Haven is a band from Örebro, Sweden with influences from different genres from metal such as progressive, hardcore and stoner music.
The band was born in the autumn of 2003 by the old time friends, Patrik Karlsson (Vocals, Guitar), Tobbe Jacobsson (Guitar), Johan Berglund (Bass) and Nicklas Keijser (Drums, Percussion). The ambition with This Haven was (and still is) to create something new and fresh within the metal scene of today. The music that This Haven creates is equally dark, heavy and groovy as it is melodic and melancholic. This gives a very own kind of sound that stands out and leads the way into the future.

Since 2003 This Haven has been featured in several radio stations and magazines, e.g. one of the most interesting new bands in Metal Hammer, interviewed on the radio show Total Rock by Malcolm Dome. This Haven has played a lot of gigs and some festivals together with bands like Nightingale, Alabama Thunderpussy, The Bereaved and Evergrey among others. If you have seen This Haven live you know that This Haven is an ass-kicking live band that always gives 110% on stage and has a lot of passion for the music.

This Haven started from the beginning to work hard with a lot of rehearsing and writing songs. The release of the first demo “Disexist”, in April 2004, was very well received by magazines, webzines and radio stations all over the world. It was mixed and produced with help by Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Nightingale).

In September 2004 they began to record their second demo “My Year Zero”. Dan Swanö mixed and produced the demo, which included six songs of very high class. The demo was released in January 2005. With this demo the number of fans increased rapidly and people started to know about This Haven. Even this demo was very well received by the critics around the globe.

And in July 2005 This Haven went into their own studio again to create their third demo “A Soul Open Wide”, but this time they decided to record and produce the demo by themselves. It was a 2-track demo and the critics loved it and wanted more from This Haven.

In 2006 they finally got a record label on the hook. It was Vic Records that finally had got attention for This Haven. After signing the record deal they went into the studio in August 2006 and started to record their debut album “Today a whisper, Tomorrow a storm”. Dan Swanö helped them a lot in the beginning of the recording sessions and he has also mixed and mastered the album. The woman with the lovely voice, on the song "Plague", is Magdalena Eriksson. Robert Johansson has taken all the photos and Matt Wickerstaff (Cathedral, My Dying Bride) designed the cover art for the album.

The debut album is a 9-track kick-ass that will blow your head off.
It was released 20th October 2008 - That date is the beginning of a new era of metal music.

In october 2010 Nicklas left the band. During the time without any drummer Johan, Tobbe and Patrik wrote some new material and looked for a new drummer. And in november 2011 This Haven finally found one, in the same rehearsal place, Pär Nilsson. He played in the excellent trash/metal band Asphalt.

This Haven are looking forward to the year 2012 with the release of some new songs and hopefully some live gigs close to you.



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