It's been along time since the last update, but we are not dead.
We have been working with some new songs and looking for a new drummer.

And as a little christmas suprise we can proudly
announce Per Nilsson as the new drummer of This Haven.
Per has earlier played with the metal band Asphalt.

If everything goes as planned, new songs will be released during 2012!

Best regards!
Patrik, Tobbe, Johan and Per
This Haven


Nicklas part ways with This Haven!

We are sad to tell you metalheads out there that Nicklas has decided to leave the band.
There are no disagreements and we hold no grudge at all against him and his decision.

We wish him all the best in the future.
We are still best friends and we will be drinking buddies forever.

We seek a new drummer to take his place and develop his great legacy.
If you are an ass kicking drummer and think that you can manage to take his place in the band,
please send us an e-mail and we will contact you.
Send the e-mail to drummer@thishaven.com

Patrik, Johan, Tobbe

No, we are not dead!

It´s been a long time since we last updated our website.
We are currently making new awesome heavy songs.

One new gig is added!
Summer Camp in Västerås!

For more information, check out their website www.sigurdsgatan25.se

Two new gigs added.

We are going to support Freak Kitchen at the concert hall in Örebro.
Date: 16th of october
Price: 190SEK
For tickets to the concert click here!

On the 26th of september we are playing some heavy music at Smedjan in Köping.
For more information about the gig, please see their website www.smedjankoping.com!

Official release of our brand new video!

Click here to check it out!

The video is made by: Dino Medanhodzic

Exclusive premiere of our new video at Metal Hammer!
Metal Hammer in Germany is now showing our new video of
the song "I Will Deceive" exclusively at their web site!
Click here to check it out!

One new gig is added!
27th of april at The Tube Club (Debaser/Slussen) in Stockholm.

We are booking gigs for the summer 2009 right now.
The first to book us is the festival ÅsbroRock.

If you want to book us for a gig, just send us an e-mail or
fill out the form in the contact area on this web page.

Nicklas has been interviewed by the german version of Metal Hammer!
The interview will be in the march edition of the magazine.
Click here to read a special online version of the interview!

And Nicklas has also been interviewed by Metalcentral!
Click here to read the interview!

We would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!
And we would like to thank you for supporting us!

There are a lot of things going on in the TH camp,
so check out this web site continously for the latest news!

/Patrik, Tobbe, Johan, Nicklas - This Haven

We have been voted as one of the five best albums in december (out of 129) in the dutch music magazine Aardschok.

A new gig is added!
We're gonna support Evergrey at "Sigurdsgatan25" in Västerås!
Date: 5th of december

For more information see www.prismamusik.se!

We are the MySpace band of the week at the swedish web site Metalcentral!
Go and check out their web site at www.metalcentral.net!

Our debut album is now out in the stores!

Now you can pre-order our CD, just click the link below!

Our debut album will finally be out 20th of october on Vic Records!
The name of the CD is "Today a Whisper, Tomorrow a Storm"

1. It’s the End
2. I Will Deceive
3. Welcome to Delirium
4. The Fallen
5. Hero of Your Hell
6. Itch!
7. Apocalyptical Anthem
I. B.C.
II. A.D.
8. And the Devil in Me Smiles
9. Plague

Check out Vic Records web site for more information about the CD!

We would like to wish you all a happy new year!
Not many news last year but we've been busy working on our album and other stuff.
We promise that this year will be full of things going on with This Haven.

We will play at Satin in Örebro the 11th of January. SO BE THERE!!!


A bit later than expected, but we’ve been busy working with our debut album!!!
We have a signed a deal with Vic Records (www.vicrecords.com) and we are going
to release the album in the late summer/autumn. We’ve been working in the studio
since August last year, so hopefully the album will blow your mind and everything
else you have heard before.

It´s only a few things left before we can hand over
all the master material to Dan Swanö so he can put his magic touch on the mixing
process of the album.
Peter in De Betou at Tailor Maid is going to do the mastering of the album.
The artwork is made by Matt Wickerstaff at Darkwave Art.
Check out www.darkwaveart.co.uk and have a look at his amazing artworks and other stuff.
We have also taken some new promo pictures for the album and web site.
The photos are taken by Robert Johansson (www.barj.se).

A new web page is under construction and we have designed some new t-shirts that will
be available for purchase as soon as the new web page is up and running...

This is going to be a great year in the history of music!

Best regards

Patrik, Johan, Tobbe, Nicklas
This Haven


Updates about the gig at Satin!
Other band: Komotio
Datum: 2006-09-29
Insläpp: 21:00
Entré: Fri entré till kl 22:00.
Pris: 60kr
På scen: ca 23:00
Åldersgräns: 18 år

One new gig is added!
Place: Satin in Örebro
Date: 2006-09-29
More info coming soon!

We are "the band of the month" at FearShop.com!
Go to their website and buy loads of metal t-shirts and other stuff! www.fearshop.com

A bit delayed but the review of "A Soul Open Wide" has finally arrived from Metalcentral!
Check it out under the disco section!

One new gig is added!
Edgegames X Festival in Norrtälje (north east of Stockholm) 2006-08-05. It´s an extreme sport festival with many crazy happenings...
For more info check out their website www.edgegames.se

One new gig is added!
Mälarrocken in Västerås 1/7, festival with Evergrey, Abramis Brama, The Kristet Utseende, Dia Psalma.
For more info check out their website www.malarrocken.se

One new gig is added!
Once again we will play at Folkets Hus in Örebro...
Date: May 27th
More info coming soon...

Three news this time!
We are featured in the april issue of Metal Hammer as one of the best extreme demos according to Malcolm Dome.
Nicklas did an interview for "Radio Masugn" at Radio Campus. The interview will be aired next monday (27/3).
See their webpage (only in swedish) for more info about their webradio http://www.radiocampus.net/
A new review of ”A Soul Open Wide” is added from Close-Up Magazine.
Check it out under the disco section!

One new review of "A Soul Open Wide" is added from The Dark Lair!
Check it out under the disco section!

The big webzine Tartarean Desire did an interview with us in september last year and it is now available on the web!
Check it out at http://www.tartareandesire.com/interviews/thishaven.html

One new review is added from www.powerplayrecords.net!
Check it out under the disco section!


Tomorrow (29/12) Nicklas is going to be interviewed by Malcolm Dome in London, live at the radio station "TotalRock"!
The show is aired between 15.00-18.00 CET and Nicklas interview is around 16.30 CET (17.30 Swedish time).
You can listen to the interview live at www.totalrock.com.

One new review is added from www.deepdivemagazine.net!
Check it out under the disco section!

Two new reviews is added!
One from www.tartareandesire.com and the other one from Nerikes Allehanda.

The gig at Folkets Hus in Örebro is moved!
The date is set to 2/12!
More info coming soon!

One new gig is added!
Folkets Hus in Örebro 26/11, festival with other bands!
More info coming soon!

The first review of "A Soul Open Wide" is here!

See the disco section to read it!

Our new demo is now done, so go and check it out under the disco section!
Let us now what you think about it in the guestbook!
If you want to pre-order one, click the merch section!

One new gig is added!
Klubb Ice in Eskilstuna 18/11, together with Nocturnal Rites!
More info coming soon!

We are now done with the mix and mastering on our new single/demo.
It includes two new songs: "And the devil in me smiles" and "I will deceive". 
If you want to pre order the single just send an email to info@thishaven.com including your shipment adress.
The price will be 20SEK, shipment excluded. 

We will enter the stage at Bäcksjöfestivalen at 20:00. 
We will play our new songs and there is no entrance fee!

Everything is now recorded on our two new songs, it´s only the mixing part left to do!
The songs are, "I will deceive" and "And the devil in me smiles"!
We also uplodaded some pictures for you!
Look at them in the media section!

We´ve got two new songs coming up for you!!!

Today we entered the studio to record two new songs. The release of the songs will be in july/august!

Ett stort tack till alla som dök upp på Rolling Rock trots att det var torsdag!

Updated info about the gig in Eskilstuna! (In swedish)
Pris: 50kr
Tid: 21-02
Ålder: 18 år
Plats: Rolling Rock/Eskilstuna

One new gig is added!
Rolling Rock in Eskilstuna 2/6!
More info coming soon!

We have been in an competition for making a theme for a book called "och fjättra Lilith i kedjor". 
Unfortunately we didn´t win, but we got an honourable mention from the jury.
Check out their website! www.lilith666.com (The webpage is in swedish)

New review of "My Year Zero" added from deepdivemagazine.net!
See the disco section to read it!

New pictures is uploaded!

New review of "My Year Zero" added from Nerikes Allehanda!
See the disco section to read it!

New review of "Disexist" added from Sweden Rock Magazine!
See the disco section to read it!

One new review from metalcentral.net added!
See the disco section to read it!

Vote for us at "Örebrotoppen" on http://www.nerikes.se/kultur&noje/orebrotoppen/

New pictures uploaded under the download section from the gig at Satin (Klubbidiot)!

What a gig we had last night...
It can´t get any better, it was wild...
A big thanks to everybody who went there!

Update about our gig at Klubb Idiot in Örebro 28/1!

In swedish...

Datum: 28/1
Insläpp: 21:00
Entré: 21-23 40kr
Entré: 23-02 60kr
På scen: ca: 23:00

2 new reviews added!
See the disco section to read them.

Our new demo "My Year Zero" is finally done!
You can listen to it under the disco section!

New webpage is up n' running!
We thought that when we release our new cd it would be great to have a new webpage to!
New sections added, gigs, downloads, merch and press!

We are playing with Painfield at Klubb Idiot 28/1! 
Place: Satin in Örebro

More info coming soon...

The new demo will be released soon.
The name of the cd will be "My Year Zero" and there are 6 new songs on it.

Dan Swanö is mixing it at the moment and it sounds really good.
The Itch!, Run out of Tears, My Year Zero, Reduced Below Nothing, The Following, Lying

We are playing at "Novemberfestivalen" in Lindesberg (Musikhuset) this saturday (27/11)!

Other bands are No chin laundry, Otec, Relentless, Canis Lupus and Submissions.
Entry: 20SEK. It all begins at 18:00.

New photos added from the session at Kelly´s!

A big thanks to everyone who went to Kelly´s and banged their heads.

The tickets to our gig at Kelly´s (6/11) can be bought at Najz Prajz (Drottninggatan, Örebro).

Our gig at Kelly´s in Örebro is at Halloween (6th of November). 

We are going to play with Nightingale, who are having their releaseparty for their new album!
Hopefully we will have our release of our new demo at the same time!
More info about tickets will come up as soon as possible!

We are going to play at Kelly´s in Örebro in November! More exact info about the gig will come up soon! 

I hope you guys get there and headbang the place down! 

We are still recording in the studio, there are just some guitarparts and vocals left, then off to mix!

We are the "band of the week" at the local radiostation (SR P4)!

They played our song "The Fallen" yesterday and will play another one today.
Tomorrow we are going to the radiostation for an interview!

The recording session goes well, Nicklas is done with the drumtracks and
Patrik is almost done with his guitartacks! 
Check out the photosection for some photos...
Dan Swanö, that helped us mixing the last demo, is helping us from the beginning this time...
Stay tuned...

Today we are entering the studio to record our new demo...
Stay tuned for some really heavy tracks!!!

New review added under discography from www.project15.org!

We´re entering the studio in the end of July. We have planned to record at least four new songs!

The songs are:
My Year Zero
The Following
Reduced Below Nothing
"No name, yet!"

We are updating the website during the recording sessions to let you people out there follow the steps...

New review added under discography from www.artrock.se!

New review added under discography from Close-Up Magazine!

We have been interviewed by melodic.net!

Go to their site (www.melodic.net) and look under the "25 questions" section.
Or read it here!

We have a gig in Västerås, 17th of June on Village!

It´s a festival called Västerås vattendrag that we will play on!

The biggest radio station (P3) in Sweden is going to play our song "The Fallen" 
on saturday in their show called P3 Demo! 

The show is aired between 20.03 - 21.00

We won Örebrotoppen again!!!
Huge thanks to everyone who voted for us again!

We won Örebrotoppen!
A big thanks to everyone who voted for us!

Our guestbook is finally done, go check it out and leave a message!

Vote for us on Örebrotoppen at www.nerikes.se/meny

We have been reviewed on www.melodic.net!

Check out the interview and the review in Nerikes Allehanda!

The local newspaper (Nerikes Allehanda) interviewed us today!

Read the interview in the paper on friday (2004-04-23)!

Now you can listen to some of our songs!
Check out the discography on this page!

Major update of the website is done!

Our demo is finally done!!!
Check out the discography on this page!

Our new demo is nearly finished! It is being mixed for the moment...

New webpage up and running!


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